Do you struggle finding your ideal clients?
Do you need help getting natural and emotiv poses from your couples?
Have you had a strong desire to start shooting film and need help getting started?


I’ve been a full time photographer for over 8 years. I have shot hundreds of weddings and even more family,
commercial, and lifestyle portraits, and I totally get excited to share this knowledge with other excited photographers.

Lets talk about out how I can help you become a better, more confident photographer.


Portfolio/Site Review – $ 250

Together we will go image by image through your composition, lighting and posing and talk about ways to improve this.
It is only through tailoring your specific brand look that you will book your ideal client.

Film How To – $ 750 

3 hour private tutorial on shooting film. We will go over how to meter, how to look at light, and show you how to look for ideal lighting situations and how film kicks butt in even harsh lighting situations. At least one hour of our time together will be spent practicing on a real couple.
Don’t have a medium format camera? You can use one of mine during this tutorial.

Half Nelson – $ 750 

This short but intense session is for the photographer wanting to hone a specific skill. We will discuss a specific topic you feel you struggle with the most. The last hour will be spent with some hands on learning. For example, if you feel like you need help working with couples,
that last hour will be spent shooting engagement portraits.

Full Monty – $ 1500

6 Hour Mentorship, that includes 3 strategic hours going over the specific ways I can help you become a better more confident photographer.
You will be given a questionnaire that will help guide me in knowing what topics to focus on.
This will be followed by a photoshoot of a real couple to help solidify the things we’ve discussed and also provide you with more images to build your portfolio. This session includes a bonus follow up Skype call to review the images taken during this session.